Hong Kong does in fact have a 250m velodrome in Whitehead, out near Ma On Shan This is a under resourced HKCA resource that we are trying to make a bit more available to all. Still, we now have apx. 20 members with track licenses so we can now officially race the few HKCA events that are scheduled here. James Moffat is our new track co-ordinator, and will be our go to man as we move this little project forward. We are looking to try to run some more sessions with other clubs as we see fit, and try to make more use of this great resource. In time we hope to run more courses to allow beginners to ride the track. Please read our guide to riding to track here & feel free to check this link. Below are our top 6 Q&As for the session:

1-Weather Conditions

A: If it rains, course gets cancelled

2-How Long will the course last?

A: 3 hours including theory, practice and test

3-Will track bikes be provided?

A: Yes. If you have a track bike, bring it. Don’t bother coming on your road bike. It is all about learning how to ride a fixed gear. 

4-What should I bring?

A: your regular cycling outfit, don’t forget your helmet, and most importantly, YOUR OWN PEDALS AND PEDAL WRENCH. As a tip, don’t leave it as a last minute task. They may be stuck and you don’t want to be late! Most of the bikes over there have pedal cageseven though, having your own pedals is always a good idea.

5-Who is the coach?

A: Cheung Chun Who aka Christopher


A: Whitehead Velodrome. This is a 10 minute walk from Wu Kai Sha MTR.

Whitehead track day

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