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A glance at the Results page shows that many of our best local results come in the Team Time Trial (TTT), with plenty of podium places in the HKCA TTT's we have entered. Below is some general advice for those competing in their first TTT.

General TTT Advice

>Try not to blow a gasket on the first lap. 
>The last few laps are the hardest, and where the race is won and lost.
>Take quick turns at the front to keep the pace high.
>Keep it smooth & don't accelerate as you take your turn at the front, especially when the guy in front is still trying to get back in the line.
>Which side to pull off should be determined before the race start depending on the wind.
>Don't forget to flick your elbow to show you're pulling off.
>When you pull off at the front keep pedaling and back off gradually.
>Check your shoulder to look for the gap / end of the line and accelerate to get back in before the gap / end of the line comes.
>The hardest bit is pulling back in to the back of the line.
>Drink your water at the back.
>Cover your brakes (not your TT bars) until you're just about to take your turn at the front- this is safer.
>Try not to brake...
>Always peel off the front going around a turn to allow the next rider to come through.
>Don't accelerate too hard coming out of a U-turn.
>Always check your shoulder and try to listen coming out of a U-turn.
>Don't expect people to hear you in a pointy hat.
>Don't forget to enjoy it!