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Beautiful scenery, smooth roads and drivers who respect cyclists, Taiwan is one fantastic place to ride.
Races in Taiwan are organised by one of the two organisations:
1. Racing on the west coast:
2. Racing on the east coast:
(Unfortunately, these websites are mostly in Chinese.)
Craig Johns site also contains a lot of information on bike racing in Taiwan:
There are 2 races every year which always attract teams from HK to make the hop over.
1. Tour of East Taiwan - Late April
Based in the beautiful East Rift Valley on the east coast of the island, the race is a two day stage race with a total distance of 300km+.
The first day usually involves starting at Hualian City, following the coastal route towards Taitung City. Distance: 130-160k depending on the actual route. Usually the first day involves a hill top finish just to make things a bit more interesting. The second day involves returning back to Hualian City from Taitung, but usually via a slightly different route from the first day. The guys did this race in April 2010, with Colin scoring 2nd overall. Report is up on the reports page. Typical distance is 120-150k. Key information document is uploaded in the Colossi Google Groups page.
2. Alishan Hill Climb - Mid September
75k of continuos climbing over 2500m, it is one of the most popular race in Taiwan. It attracts over 1000+ riders every year.
Last year's winner took around 3.5hours to finish, that an average of 21km/hr. Crazy!
More details on these races, and other races in Taiwan can be found in the Calendar.