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Typically this is criterium style racing. The course is mostly flat, very fast. These races typically attracts 200+ riders acorss different categories. The Open grade usually has a field of 70-80 riders. Usually a break away will try to establish itself around the mid way point of the race, and will manage to stay away till the end, though bunch sprints are not uncommon. Prize money can be good also (thats why some riders travel from other cities to race here!).
There are a few locations in Shenzhen for racing and the race course is usually slightly different each time. Some of locations are close to the border with Hong Kong for which you can just ride to after going through immigration (for example: Nanshan area). Some of them may require additional transport (for example: Kuiyong & Longgang). All of them provide great racing!  

Racing in Shenzhen usually is a day trip across the border that requires a bit of planning.
The most obvious is that you will need a Chinese visa. There are a few boarders available. The easiest option coming from most Hong Kong locations is to KCR up to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau. The latter border crossing option is by far much more pleasant since it is much less busy. Also it delivers you relatively close to racing in Nanshan. If you go through at Lo Wu, allow 30 minutes and apx 100RMB to get across town. If you want to arrive in comfort for races in Nanshan, then use the Shenzhen Bay boarder, which is 5 mins ride from the race. However, it is a bit trickier on the Hong Kong side to get to, but if you post on our google groups we should be able to help you out, depending on where you are in Hong Kong. The same goes for actually racing- if you don't speak / read Chinese you won't get in. We can help you.

Maps and gpx files of the Nanshan course are in the
Maps page. More details (usually in Chinese) here:

Racing in Zhuhai usually is a day trip that requires a lot of planning. Ferry /Bus from Zhuhai port. 
The most obvious is that you will need a Chinese visa. The easiest option coming from Hong Kong is to take the ferry from Shun Tak Centre to Zhuhai port and from Zhuhai port, a pre-arranged bus to the start area, which is normally near the airport and about a 45 minute bus ride from Zhuhai port. In 2009, TJC  went with members of the Bike City Club, arranged by Garoid Walsh and the guys in the club were most helpful and friendly. Bus picked us up near the ferry pier in Zhuhai, waited at race location and picked us up at the finish area.  Getting back we took the same bus and ferry again. 

Registration for Zhuhai race in December:
This must be done early as the field is limited to about 80 riders in the open category. Entry fee must be paid in advance. Difficulty to arrange this from Hong Kong, so you may need a contact in China to deposit the fee for you into the race organizers bank account in China. Informed that the money can be paid to the bike shop in Yuen Long.  Even if you enter and register on line, do not make the mistake of not transferring the money and hoping to pay it on race day. They will not accept it and will not provide you with a race number.