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There are lots of racing in the Philippines. TJ has lots of experience racing in the "Pins" and he has some good contacts.
Manila Criterium Grandprix

1st leg Sept. 27, 2009- Luneta Manila
2nd leg Oct. 18, 2009- Roxas Blvd.
3rd leg Nov. 08, 2009- Luneta/Roxas Blvd.
4th and Final leg Dec. 13, 2009/ Luneta/Quirino Ave./ Roxas Blvd.

Tour of Luzon
The Cycling Tour in the Philippines is an annual summer tradition deeply rooted in the country since 1955 when a 3-day Manila-Vigan race was held. Better known as the "Tour of Luzon". In 2002, this annual tradition found a philantrophist in the person of business leader and avid sport enthusiast Bert Lina (FedEx exclusive franchisee in the Philippines). In an effort to bring back the tradition into the consciousness of the Filipino, he started with a 4-day road race dubbed as the FedEx Express tour 2002. The following year Tour Pilipinas organized a 15-day road race that covered most of the more popular towns and cities in Northern and Southern Luzon. In 2005, the cycling tour aficionados and sports officials marked the 50th year of cycling in the country with a road tour dubbed as "The Golden Tour." Week long stage race in March 2010 - details tbc. Invite uploaded to the google groups.
Tour of Matabungkay
The 2009 Tour of Matabungkay had 4 stages this year. All 4 stages started and ended at Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas.  Although advertised as a 3 day event, riders could enter on a daily basis.  For registration details go to the hotel website.  Full logistical details, as written by TJ uploaded on our google groups.
Tour of the Philippines
Weekend stage race in April 2010. UCI 2.2 - details to come.

Executive Racing
As the name suggests, it is bike racing for businessmen cyclists. It is an opportunity for non Elite riders to experience the thrill of riding a 3 day, 4 stage event. The top participants are probably comparable to Category C riders in Ireland and the U.K.  One of the most popular Executive races is held during the Terry Larrazabel  Bike Festival, which started in 2002 and is the only multi-discipline cycling event of its kind in the Philippines and Asia, where races and other activities are held for three days in one location. A field of over 100 riders participated in the 2009 event, which was held over superb roads in the Subic Bay area. It is a team event, comprising  5 to 10 riders. If you can not form a team, with our contacts in the Philippines, we will be able to hook you up with a team down there. is a useful site to find out what is going on in the racing world in the Philippines. This site is run by Raymond Siu, a great guy and most helpful. Raymond now riders for "Team Franzia" a very well run team in the Philippines.  
For more information on Executive Racing go to This site is a very informative site on racing in the Philippines, giving race results, race reports etc.