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Races in Macau are small but are really well organised. Unlike HK where racing are carried out on closed roads, Macau has rolling road closure which is very well carried out. Only races in Macau where an official on a motorbike will provide the break and the main chasing group a time gap on a chalk board!

The course is typically loops of Coloane Island, home of the fabulous 'Fernandos' restaurant. '
Pousada de Coloane' is a good overnight option away from the Casinos. For the more budget conscious traveller, why not try the  Best Western Hotel Taipa, where in September 2009, a room on a Saturday night was HK$500.00 and a Sunday night was substantially cheaper.  Buffet breakfast cost HK$25.00 when tickets were purchased at the hotel desk. Another hotel, which is very reasonably priced is the Pousada Marina Infante Hotel Macau on Taipa. Only a 10 minute bike ride from the race start on Coloane adn 5 minutes form the circuit on Taipa.  The hotels were booked on the net using    

Bikes can be taken on the Macau ferry at a cost of HK$60.00 one way. You can check it in or carry it on board yourself and leave it in the storage area, but be sure to warn the steward that it is fragile, otherwise you might find luggage thrown on top of the bike.  A bike bag is essential. Allow >20mins in a taxi to get from the Ferry pier to Coloane.  Application form attached beneath.
Special Note:
UCI Licence required.

At the races in Zuhai and Macau, TJC met up with a bunch of nice guys from a cycling club in Macau " Macau Roadies". Their web site is One of their main guys is Scott Houslay. Also one of Macau's heros from the past Mr. Lei chi fai, who is 54 years old and is still competing with the best of them. See first bike photo from 1971, when he was placed 2nd in a 64 km road race in Macau.
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