Membership benefits:

  • Easy access to race information through, colossi calendar & colossi google groups.
  • Unrivaled contacts in the cycling world through Jan & Colossi Shenzhen
  • Assistance in race registration.
  • Support in the logistics to/from races.
  • Discounted price on Team clothing.
  • Discount for Colossi frames.
Membership structure:'s principles are to be open to all riders & supporters. is a non-profit organisation run by a team of dedicated enthusiasts for passion, not profit. We welcome all, but at this stage we are not able to admit under 18 members (we're working on it!).
To cover our costs we have a membership fee of $100HK. This isn't to line our pockets, and to show as much once you become a member you will have access to our on-line google groups ledger where we list all incoming & outgoing $$$.
Given the litiguous society we live in, we also require you to sign a waiver. Please understand we all need to protect our own interests. We all put in a lot of time into the club so we request you spend 5 minutes of your own time to read the waiver and get it back to us. Without the waiver we have little to gain and a lot to lose.


Membership joining process

Example member: John Smith


1. John hears about from his mates on the road / reading race results / surfing google. He visits and reads about all the good things we are doing. He is sold and wants to join.


2. John copies and pastes the following message to an email subjected "Colossi Membership John Smith" and edits the subject matter and details as required:


Hi, I would like to sign up as a member of These are my details:

-Name: John "KOM" Smith

-Date of birth: 30/2/2043
-HKID or Passport No: Z123456(7)
-HKCA membership number: 123

-Address: Flat K, -3/F, Smith Road, Hong Kong

-Contact Phone Number: 9993 3999

-Let us know a bit about you: I have lived in HK for 3 years. I started riding when I got a bit overweight. My cycling history: 2023-2026 Tour de France KOM

-Emergency Contact name and number: Karen Smith, Wife, 6663 3666

-Is it ok to list your name as a member on the website and the Colossi Google group? Yes, of course.


3. John sees the pdf waiver attachment at the bottom of the page, prints and signs with date. 
A. If John has a scanner, he scans the signed waiver and attaches it to the above email. He sends the email to
B. If John doesn’t have a scanner, he sends the above email to but he has to let us know he wants to post the waiver. One of us will send him a postal address.


4. John pays us the $100HK. He can pay his membership fee via the following methods:

A. Cash, he gives any of the officials of the club (i.e.: Laz, Ed, TJ, Matt or Jonny) the $100HK in cash when he sees them on rides.

B. Bank Transfer, Smith will have to let us know, via email, that he wants to deposit the money into our account. We will send you the account details in return.


5. Once all the forms are filled in and the fee is paid, an invite will be sent to John for his google groups account to be activated. Once John accepts, he is an official member of the club and he can start enjoying all the benefits of the love... and start racing.

Member discounts members can enjoy discounts offered by our sponsor, Jan Kole, on framesets in the Team Colossi design and other parts.
Members can get in contact with Elissa Whittington, a bike fit specialist who will be opening a bike shop in Ap Lei Chau in the coming months, to obtain further information on Colossi frames.
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