21st December- TKO Velodrome
2nd place in the Team Pursuit for James, Aron & Ed! 4th & 5th for Ed & Aron in the Individaul.
18th October - Tour of Matabunkay
Aron wears yellow!!! YannKai 2nd in Ladies G.C. after Day 2!
6th October - Bride's Pool
Some nice results from today's road race at Brides Pool. Check our Reports page for more.
4th September - Track Training

Aron gets his Kilo face on. See our track page for more on our now monthly sessions.

19th August - Training Update
Check our Training page for latest info on upcoming rides.

4th August - Shenzhen Riviera

Read more from our member's visit over the border here.

14th July - HKCA Track Bikes

Today we handed over 4 Colossi.cc club track bikes to the HKCA to replace some of the ageing bikes in the storage containers. We look forward to these being used by budding track cyclists across Hong Kong & hope they help gain access to the track for those without their own bikes. Many thanks to Jan from Colossi for making this happen.

13th June - Saving Lives

Glynn is out there keeping people alive:

22nd June - Club Dinner
Club ride locked in for June 22nd. All current and new members welcome. Likely to be a loop of Disney to Airport followed by 5 repeats of Buddah or coffee at Starbucks...choice is yours. Social drinks dinner that evening...venue TBA. Lock it in the diary...

1st June - Dragons TTT, Tung Chung

Aron & Ed clocked a solid 1:07:14 alongside guest riders Tonks, Pollard & Peppal to finish 6mins ahead of the next team on Saturday for a 42.84kph over the 48km course. Tony led a Buffalos team to 2nd place in 1:13:50, whilst Jon, Scott, Ken & James rounded out the virtual podium for a 1:13:59. Thanks to the Dragons for organising.

1st May 2013- Tour of Friendship Hard Core

Tom adds some more red to our jersey... Check our Reports page for more.

21st April 2013- Double Podium in Tour of East Taiwan!

Fritz & Scott represent. Check our Reports page for more.

18th April 2013- Good luck to all those going to the Tour of East Taiwan!

Sadly TJ's broken bones won't heal in time... Get well soon.

13th-14th April 2013- Tour of Hong Kong Hot Dog 

Tom got a great 8th place in the Elite hill climb before chomping on Hot Dogs in stage 3. Ed took 2nd in the 30s at Po Kong, whilst James secured a great 4th place in the final Open Cat. stage 3. Full results up on this link. More details at our Reports page

2nd April 2013 Colossi.cc Track Frames Arrive

Colossi Club Bikes

Bike builds coming soon!

22nd - 24th March 2013 Hong Kong Track Nationals

Read about James's experience at the recent track nationals. More details at our Reports page. Full Results up here.

16th March 2013 Ride with Sander

Read about Ed's ride across the border with Sander from Colossi on http://bikesandbuildings.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/sz-xcr.html

8th March 2013 Colossi Training Camp

Good luck to the guys heading to Nankunshan for some serious vertical kms.

2nd March 2013 SIR TTT

3rd: Colossi A 01:08:10
7th Colossi B 01:16:05
10th Colossi C 01:22:13

23rd Feb 2013 Whitehead HKCA Omnium

More great results at the track today with 3 out of 5 podium places being filled bu our riders. Check our Reports page for more.

18th Feb 2013 Track Cycling Training Session

Another record turnout of riders. Rupert showed his potential in track by exerting his immense power and snapping his bike in half.

17th Feb 2013 HKCA Crit Race 4 - Yuen Long

Fritz, Tom, James and Mike represented with more solid performances. With the super fast and super tight 800m course it was a good effort just to finish without getting caught. Fritz picked up 6th in the 5M, James 3rd in 3M age group categories. Tom, James and Mike then all managed to qualify for the final of the open event with James managing to get into the winning break and picking up a point on the first sprint lap before receiving an untimely puncture at the half way stage.

3rd Feb 2013 Fritz hits the Podium!

Fritz gets 2nd on Fei Ngo Shan in the 50s. Rupert & James top 10 in Open

2nd Feb 2013 Colossi rule the Velodrome!

Record numbers turn out for Saturday's race. Check our Reports page for more.

28th Jan 2013 Whitehead Track Training

Record numbers turn out for our Monday night session. Check Benny Fung's FB for more.

27th Jan 2013 Wan Chai Crit

James & Rupert represent. James in the break until his breakfast also makes an appearance!

Nora & Leeps getting some winter vertical km's in!

12th January, HKCA Track Race 4 - Points race

Ed C, Aron A, James M and new recruits Mike Watson, Scott Hooper and Neil Horton took up the challenge of the 100 lap Points race held at whitehead velodrome. While only 25km in total the team knew it was going to be a tough task to keep up with some of the top young track riders of Hong Kong (who get to train full time on the track compared to our once per month if we're lucky). Combine that with it being only the second or third time riding on the track for some, it was a great effort by all.

The pace was sedate for the first 2 -3 laps but that was immediately lifted thanks to Mike Watson taking a flier and others giving chase. He managed to stay away and grab some points for the first sprint at 10laps. From that point on the pace did not reduce and for the next 90laps there were constant attacks. Ed was ever active at the front and managed to get into a break and gain a lap which meant he automatically got 20 points and slipped into the top 5. Aron constantly put in super efforts to assist in bringing back some potential break aways that would threaten Ed's position. However, with the nature of points race it is extremely hard to follow which riders have been lapped or are lapping etc and with a little over 25 laps to go an unknown rider took a solo flier and managed to stay away for three sprints which sadly pushed Ed down to 6th place.
Great effort to Aron for coming in at 8th after the work that he put in at the front.

The legs are definitely feeling it now but cant wait to build up to the next one and have another great team showing from Colossi.

NEWS FLASH: New Skinsuits are in!

7th Jan 2013, Whitehead Track Night, Hong Kong

Great way to kick off 2013 down at Whitehead last night. Thanks to William from Life Cycle for the photo!

15th December HKCA Track Race 3- Sprint

Good first outing in the sprint competition at the track this morning by Aron, Tom and James M. Aron narrowly missed out on qualifying. A few more training sessions/experience and we will surely have more to qualify.

7th December 2012, Whitehead Track Night, Hong Kong

Check Ed's Blog for more.

Tour de Bintan 2012

Tour de Bintan Race Report up now in Reports

18th November HKCA Road Race 3- Brides Pool - Another fabulous day for Team Colossi with 3 podium places. 

Another good performance by James in the Open category. We need more riders in this category to help James! 
Aron, as usual, put in a sterling performance in the 30's age category and just missed out on a podium finish by one spot. A podium finish is on the horizon for Aron. Scott Fitzgerald  hung in there as well.   

There was an outstanding performance from Rupert Griffiths in the 40's age category. He took off early in the 2nd lap and stayed away on his own for the remainder of  the 3 lap race to finish on his own, some 28 seconds ahead of the chasing pack of over 25 riders, headed by Hui Char Bor, who I am told was one of the outstanding riders in the 80's in Hong Kong and who has returned to racing with a vengeance.  I believe Rupert caught the 30's group that started a minute ahead and left some of them for dead as well.  
Tom Croagh had a brilliant performance and just missed out on top spot on the podium.  Another display of brilliant sprinting from Tom.   

T.J. after some bad tactical decisions in earlier races sat and sat and sat and managed to out sprint  Madanori Kenga and Ip Wai Chuen to take the 50's category.   Fritz , wearing Colossi colors, was a big help to T.J. during the race as he did a lot of work at the front on the last lap and unfortunately paid for it on the last climb, but a podium finish is just around the corner for Fritz.
  Clive, put in a personal best time for the course and with more race experience under his belt, he will be a big help to the team in the near future.    

17th November, Shenzhen RR - More Podiums!

Colossi were represented by James and Aron. Both went on a voyage of discovery and successfully made it to the race venue on time.  A great performance by both and James made it to the podium

10th to 11th November 2012, Action Asia MTB Festival, Hong Kong

Ed, Mark & Nora represent the red striped jersey with fat rather than skinny tires! Full report on http://www.bikesandbuildings.blogspot.hk/2012/11/action-asia-v-dub-fest.html

10th to 11th November, Tour of  Bintan, 2012

Pin Pin takes 3rd on Stage 2,  just 7 seconds off the winner.  Aron is a further 9 seconds back with Rupert a further 3 and Tom and James coming in together, just a few seconds back.  Scott and Slotty fight it out between themselves and are just 6 seconds part. Pin Pin retains the Polka Dot jersey.
Stage 2 82km went well for the team. Slotty was able to hang in there with the peleton and he launch a few attacks. Pinpin came 2nd for the first KOM and sprint. Scott and Slotty took 2nd and 3rd in the second sprint. But the heat and humidity was terrible and the pace very high avg of just under 40km/h over 82km and its by no means flat! Even had some rain along the way
Stage 3, Pin Pin takes 2nd , just 5 seconds off the winner.  Rupert, James, Aron, Scott, Jeroen,Tom, Scott and Jeroen come in together, with just a few seconds separating them.   Seems to have been a bunch finish.

Team Colossi stay in 3rd position in the Team Classification.
Pin Pin Yu riding for Colossi takes  Green Jersey and Polka Dot Jersey on Stage 1 today. He finished 4th in the final sprint in a time of 4:03:02 , with Rupert Griffiths 4:03:06, Tom  Croagh 4:03:08 and Aron Akesson coming in, in the same group, just a few seconds apart. Aron after the Prologue and Stage 1 seems to be the best placed on GC.  Scott, Slot and James have been riding well for the team.  Adrian, seems to have been involved in a crash, initial reports are that it is not serious but we are awaiting confirmation.   Things are looking good on the team classification front.  Adriano is o.k.  Jeroen Slot also took a tumble, some nasty looking road rash on the left side,  but he is a tough Dutch guy, so he got back up, got into a group and finished the stage. 

10th November HKCA Track Race 2 - Pursuit

The team was unable to field a Team Pursuit as others were at Bintan. However James Moffat kept the flag flying and took 6th place in his first individual pursuit. Can only improve from there with some more training on the velodrome - looking forward to the opening of the new indoor velodrome at TKO with LCSD. Hopefully HKCA and HKSI will also open up the whitehead velodrome more to allow the sport to develop further in Hong Kong.

4th November HKCA Criterium Race 2 - Tung Chung

Aron, Scott F and James Moffat kept the flag flying in the 30's age category today in the Tung Chung Crit.  After some super work on the front by Aron, James tried for a super long sprint and managed to hold onto 2nd place. Another outstanding sprint. 
In the open points race James was very prominent in the first few laps of the race looking for some points however with the frantic pace he narrowly missed out. Aron also put in a very solid performance in the open points race as well, managing to stay near the front of the lead group during the whole of the 25 km race. They finished 21st and 29th respectively. Some stats from Aron. 345 normalized watt over 35 minutes, 43 km/h average with 20 180 degree turns and some tight slow sections.  TJ, Tom, Adriano, Scott Fits, Clive and rode well and enjoyed the days outing.  

24th October, Colossi Training Camps

Read about our recent excursions to Nankushan on the Tour de Wiggo and the more sane Heyuan to Nankunshan epic. Feel free to contact our resident Mandarin speaking Swede for info. on more Tours.

20th October HKCA Track Race 1 - Scratch race
Despite some hiccups surrounding registering for the race which prevented more of our riders racing James M represented for the team (however missed out on doing the kilo event). 60 laps at break neck speed with no respite was the flavour of the day and with the small field there was no place to hide to recovery. James tested the waters as soon as the neutral lap was completed and sure enough the local riders were up for the challenge with XSpeed rider Victor Lau lapping the field twice and also taking the final sprint!!! James stayed with the bunch but couldn't find a way onto the podium this time. No other race can compete with the intensity and explosiveness of a track race - definitely worth a try and great training if nothing else.

10th October HKCA Road Race 2 - Tung Chung TTT - Postponed till further notice

7th October HKCA Criterium Race 1 - Science Park
Colossi was well represented in the first HKCA crit of the season which was held on Shatin's infamous Science Park circuit (modified version). With the technical course, fine weather and moderate temperatures it was going to be important to ride hard and come into the corners at the front of the pack to avoid the rubber-band effect. On the other hand with the long straight and final slight uphill before the finish it was going to be tough to judge the right time to begin the sprint if it came down to that.

Aron, James D (Jimbo), Jeron, James M in 30's:
Again despite high hopes in the 30's the team failed to shutdown the breakaway by 4 DirectAsia riders and Clinton of SCAA and once they had a gap there was no bringing them back. Efforts were further hampered when Arons carbon bars snapped in half ending his day's efforts, thankfully he was able to stay on the bike and safely stop.

Adriano and Jon A in the 40's expelled significant energy to keep it together while John Tonks of PB went on a solo mission our guys and when it came to the finale there was the inevitable situation of the riders who had been sitting on the whole time rolling over the top for the sprint.

TJ in 50's had similar issues trying to control the front with our Lantau Buffalo brother Fritz and was pipped at the post and had to settle for 5th place. Good team work and great result. With a little more perseverance some even better results are definitely in store.

With a massive entry of over 300 riders in the open points race event and with the 180deg corner after 100m, it was critical to be at the front to have any chance of being in the mix. 
All our riders rode well generally finishing in the front bunch (Jimbo 51, TJ 54, Adriano 66, Jon 106 and James M finishing in 12th after posting a 10th place in the finale).

6th October Thought of the Day
- Piss off, Find your our riders -
Any complaints, take it up with me. Laz

28th October Colossi BBQ

Contact Glynn if you want to join the 'South Side Shuffle' BBQ in Mui Wo. RSVP before 15th October please!

23rd September New World Cycling Charity Championship Criterium

The first criterium/points race of the season kicked off with this one-off event staged around the streets of Shatin. James M represented in the open event but despite high hopes of mixing it with the best he had to settle with riding in the bunch to conserve energy while continuous attacks went off the front from the various teams. CCN rider Lee Rogers was a deserved winner with his efforts off the front. Well run event and a great oppourtunity to race on closed roads in central Shatin.

16th September HKCA Road Race 1 - Fei Ngo Shan Hill Climb

Aron & James represent the podium at Fei Ngo Shan

Scott & Slotty in Italia


Check out the Youtubage.

17.06.12 Omnium

James gets some cover to retrieve his medal following half an Omnium! More in Reports 2012

05.06.12 Track Night

Is it the off season? Colossi enjoy a Chung King Curry as well as a Projector screen beer & pizza night in Hung Hom- all in less than a week!

Shenzhen Crit

04.06.12 Shenzhen Crit

A mixed day out for colossi in Shenzhen, with Hillary Daniels showing how it's done in the ladies with a fine 4th place. Meanwhile in the Mens, mechanicals for Sandy put paid to a solid result in General Cat, while the Open Cat guys couldn't make the decisive break. Nellie & TJ's fb gallery here

27.05.12 TC Crit

James takes the top step in 3M! More in Reports 2012

20.05.12 Tour of Hong Kong 2012

Some great results for Colossi at the Tour of Hong Kong with podiums for Erich (3rd) and James (2nd) in stages 1 & 3, with Erich taking 4th overall on GC (pictured). More in Reports 2012

02.05.12 Tour of Friendship
Aron, Glen, Ed & Keith battle Thai heat wave to bring home painted ceramic water bottles! More in Reports 2012.

22.04.12 Tour of East Taiwan
Some great results coming in from Taiwan: Tom C, Pinpin (from our friends in Philipinnes) won the 25s & 30s category in Stage 1. TJ was 2nd in the 50s and Nora came 3rd in ladies. In Stage 2, Pinpin was 3rd, while Nora and Scott came 2nd in their age groups. More to follow we hope.

Super sprinter  Pin Pin showing Colossi Jersey as he takes bunch sprint in Stage 2 Tour of East Taiwan. 

15.04.12 Fei Ngo Shan

A full haul of trophies in a great day out for Colossi. More in Results 2012 

14.04.12 Whitehead

A double day out at the Whitehead velodrome- colossi.cc teamed up with some of the flwrider crew for the morning session. More on hk alleycat...

18.03.12 Bride's Pool

A fantastic turn out & some great results in today's HKCA Road Race. Go Erich!!!! More in Reports 2012 

17.03.12 Scratch!

Colossi.cc's first track race- the HKCA Scratch Race. More in Results 2012Ed's Blog

11.03.12 Track & China

A good weekend's training for the club: Saturday was another track session at Whitehead (check out our Track Page for more), while Sunday was a Nankunshan 200km epic for Aron and his brave companions. 

04.03.12 Vitagreen Central Crit.

Colossi in Central!!! More in Reports 2012

19.02.12 HKCA TTT

A 5th place in the HKCA Team Time Trial at the weekend. More in Reports 2012