Colossi Hong Kong is supported by Jan Kole from Colossi in Shenzhen. As part of your membership to Colossi Hong Kong you will be entitled to promotional discounts on Colossi frames as well as the wealth of information Jan has to offer. We also team up with Jan's other teams for racing around S/E Asia.

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Colossi Factory Visit 7th May 2010

Colossi’s story is going strong after starting up a workshop in Shenzhen China in 2005. Colossi came a long way from Holland where Jan Kole the active founder of the company started making customized frame sets in 1982. The customized hand made frame sets are only made by order and every frame set is unique. We also make front forks to complete and complement your frame set. 

All the work on the customized frame sets are done by hand. The individual builders who were taught by Jan Kole himself consider them selves artists, because that is exactly what a customized handmade frame is, a piece of art. We only use the best materials to build the frame sets which are carefully selected for every specific frame set. We can make any kind of geometry, except when you are looking for a lug type frame set then the angles are limited to the type of lugs. We also offer customized painting to make your machine even more unique.

Colossi also has one production line for aluminium frame sets where we focus on every detail of the frame sets. We prefer quality above quantity and that is the reason why we have only one line, so we can pay attention to all the specific details. We can make trekking, BMX, road, MTB and foldable frame sets all in 6061, 7005, 7046, CroMoly and scandium in single, double and triple butted aluminium.