Colossi.cc is a cycling club formed in Hong Kong since 2009. Our mission is to facilitate racing across the region, providing an easy information access point for local & overseas riders to enjoy racing through an inclusive and friendly club environment. We are affiliated to the HKCA and aim to enjoy racing both locally and abroad.

We want to fill the gap in Hong Kong for an English language cycling club that uses 21st Century communication methods combined with genuine access to information about races across the region - We have an on-line calendar that all members can access and edit, a google groups on-line forum for all members, as well as this website where we post information about the logistics of racing across the region, as well as Maps in a variety of formats, and training rides (once we get this website up to speed!). We also have Chinese speakers who can help facilitate racing across the border. Furthermore, one of the benefits of our main sponser, Jan Kole of Colossi, is his excellent connections across the worldwide cycling race scene and his ability to obtain information and invites to a wide range of events. We aim to team up with Jan's Shenzhen team, as well as his sponsered riders in countries as diverse as Thailand and New Zealand.
For us, it's all about unlocking the information to go racing, and most importantly having fun! Please go to our membership page to find out more.